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alexandre-rotyFrench Monsieur currently living in Switzerland – east of Léman lake – where I relocated in january 2015 after 5 years living in London, UK (since february 2010). I currently work at the Union Cycliste Internationalethe world governing body for cycling – as a Digital & Social Media coordinator; I deal with everything related to digital at the UCI. Previously I worked as a Digital Consultant at The Other Pitch, a digital boutique agency founded by myself on January 2014. In London I’ve also worked for 4 years as a digital content manager for a leading sport digital agency, Factory Media Ltd. I come from a lovely place called Bayonne in the South West of France where I was born in March 1985.

I’m a digital media enthusiast with a particular interest in sport. All of them. I did martial arts when I was a kid, played football as a goalkeeper but also played rugby when I was a teenager. I still play a bit sometimes as if now I’m more into outdoor activities and cycling (I cycled from London to Paris alone in August 2012) which was my conveyance to work everyday in the busy streets of London and still now in the more quiet trails of Switzerland. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m an Arsenal fan who enjoys to go to the Emirates Stadium every now and then.

As a true French person I could never say no to a delicious meal with a glass of wine, or either  a beer (too much time in England I guess!). I try to travel as much as I can; I’ve been living for few months in the East coast of the US during an internship but I also visited Canada, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Morocco, Bali and my next trip would be to Iceland or New Zealand!


But let me tell you a bit more  about what I do:

In 2015 I’ve been hired by the world governing body for cycling, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in Switzerland to take on their digital and social media assets. I’m dealing with the whole digital (including the UCI website) and social media sphere through 8 different cycling disciplines, a real challenge!

union cycliste internationale

After few years in the sport and digital industry I decided to launch my own structure to help the pro athletes and companies to deal better with their digital assets. In January 2014 I launched The Other Pitch where I worked with athletes – winter olympic athlete, international rugby player and more – providing them the support and training they need to be more effective with their online presence; I also worked with companies – including a worldwide energy drink leader – providing audits and sharing my experience and expertise regarding their digital challenges.

social media for pro athletes

If you’re interested to know more about The Other Pitch please visit our website and get in touch!

At Factory Media ltd I worked on MPORA.com, the largest action sports website in Europe. With more than 70,000 videos MPORA is the best place online to watch and to discover the best of action sports videos, photos and news.


If you want to know more about all my work related things, please go visit my Linkedin profile.

In another hand, I also like to blog a bit. When I moved in to London I started to tale my life as an expat on a blog…

Launched in 2010 blog-unfrancaisalondres.com is the most popular blog for the growing young French community in London with more than 40,000 pages views every month and a community over 6,000 fans. With more than 300,000 frogs in the British capital my blog provides an insight of the life in the city. Photos, articles, reviews, competitions, videos and more to entertain my growing community.


blog unfrancaisalondres


I have also been involved in other online projects that I would be happy to share with you if you’re getting in touch with me.


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